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Monthly Archives: July, 2018

Albania’s Hidden Diplomats: How Lobbying in America Became a Sphere of Campaign Influence

Albanian political parties last year paid nearly 30 million Albanian lekë ($277,800) to lobbying firms in the U.S. to gain influence and access to U.S. politicians. But no Albanian citizen looking...

How Albanian laws allow parties to hide crucial information from voters during campaigns

In last year’s Albanian elections, a company based in the northwest city of Lezhë donated 501,000 lek-worth (about $4,600) of fuel to a small political party called the Albanian Democratic Christian...

Albanian government continues to approve new hydropower plants despite environmental and social impact

In the Kune Vain Lagoon of northern Albania, a grim relic sinks into the past to reveal an even more uncertain future. Concrete bunkers that line the coast, built as Communist-era...