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Monthly Archives: July, 2021

Lack of perspective and subsidies in agriculture halves the inhabitants of Kukes villages

Musa Hila, 58 years old, resident in the Administrative Unit "Malzi" of Kukës, in 1992 planted 2 hectares of land with corn and beans and 1 acre and a half in...

School Reconstructions in Tirana, problems with delays and unjustified expenses

If you perform a simple search on the net, you can easily find information on the new or reconstructed schools with European Union funds in Albania. Finding information on schools being...

Lumas river’s metamorphosis – from river to hydropower plant cascade

Three years ago, Romana Vllahutin, former head of the EU delegation in Tirana from the village of Shishtavec in Kukes, called against the construction of hydropower plants. She urged residents of...