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Monthly Archives: August, 2022

Disinformation and propaganda: the format changed, but the message remained the same

Authors: Elsa Kotorri and Klesjana Omeri In Albania’s most recent parliamentary elections, due to pandemic restrictions, political parties used social media more than usual to expand their electoral campaign. They spent thousands...

Hydro power: The failure to deliver on energy independence and potential alternative sources

Authors: Amogh Matthews and Jona Kaso Despite the large number of hydropower plants that produce energy, Albania is still in the midst of an energy crisis with high energy prices for the...

The Covid pandemic and the obscurity of government expenses

Authors: Alfred Zylyftari, Elsa Dautaj, Seth Facey There are many things Albanians know  about the pandemic’s impact on their country. Albania was one of the first nations in Europe –in March, 2020--to impose...