The Albanian Center for Quality Journalism (ACQJ), pending the availability of funds from the U.S. Embassy in Tirana, is accepting proposals for an “Investigative Journalism Internship Program” that would provide training for 5 to 7 Albanian journalism students and early career journalists at a U.S. university journalism school and a local U.S. media outlet (print, online, television) for up to 6 weeks.

The winner will be awarded one grant of up to $100,000 for implementation over a period of one year from the awarding of the grant (approximately September 2022 – August 2023).

The internship would include classroom training – preferably existing programs – as well as placement with a local media outlet in the United States for work on investigative reporting topics. Participants in the program would be identified by ACQJ and the U.S. Embassy in Tirana. The primary pool of the program would be alumni of the U.S. Embassy-supported Investigative Journalism Lab program that ACQJ manages, and articles produced as a result of the internship will be featured on the project’s website in English and Albanian.

The program will focus on how to conduct investigative reporting that increases government accountability, helps expose and fight corruption, and strengthens public transparency. The internship program should enhance and improve investigative journalism skills.

The timing of the program would be agreed upon by ACQJ, the U.S. Embassy in Tirana, and the host institution in the United States.

Eligible Applicants:

Applicants who are eligible to apply are U.S. based educational institutions and organizations, who are able to respond to the NOFO and be able to mobilize within the project time allotted.

Evaluation Criteria:

The Evaluation Committee will assess the following when evaluating grant proposals:

  • The project proposal demonstrates that the organization has sufficient expertise, skills, and human resources to implement the project.
  • The organization has consulted relevant resources, experts, and potential partner organizations during the project’s design phase.
  • The project’s budget is well-organized, detailed, and reasonable.  There are no budget lines labeled “miscellaneous expenses.”  Entertainment and alcoholic beverage expenses are not included in the budget.  The budget demonstrates that the organization has devoted time to plan for and assess actual expenses associated with the project instead of providing rough estimates.
  • The organization has clearly articulated how it will assess and measure its own performance throughout the project implementation phase.
  • Past performance indicates reliability, responsible use of resources, and an ability to follow through with project aims.

The application package includes:

Narrative Application Form

Budget spreadsheet (sample budget)

Your Narrative Application Form should include:

  • Project goal
  • Name, address, telephone/fax number, e-mail address of the organization and name of contact person
  • A description of the project
  • Key project activities
  • Project dates
  • A description of the expected results
  • A brief description of how the success of the project will be measured and evaluated
  • A list of names and titles of team members
  • A brief description of organization background
  • A summary of the budget (include attached the detailed budget in the Excel format)

Any application that does not cover all the above points will not be considered.

This funding opportunity is posted on

The deadline for the submission of the application and all necessary supporting documentation for this NOFO is 07.20.2022 via email at