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Xhuana Çallaku

Construction boom in the capital, how money is being laundered in Tirana through the purchase of apartments in cash

1.4 million square meters of construction permits granted in Tirana only during 2022. Experts talk about how illegal money manages to get into Albania from organized crime and how it manages...

Personal data – chronicle of a “nonexistent” crime; Investigation of data leaks, too little, too late

Authors: Ardit Toca, Maria O’Donnell and Xhuana Çallaku “We showed them the fire, but they kept looking for smoke”… On April 11th of last year, two weeks before Albania’s Parliamentary elections, Lapsi.al broke...

Reconstruction in Kombinat: Residents, have no information about the future of their homes and businesses

In the area of Kombinat, in Tirana, three years after the earthquake of November 26th, 2019, construction for the reconstruction of apartments has not started yet. Alfred Pietra is one of the...